FY2018 grant budget templates available

Screenshot of the eSPA budget template

The FY2018 eSPA budget template is used for all non-NSF proposal budgets.

Fringe benefit rates are set each fiscal year by the university’s budget office. Because these rates change from year to year, grant budget templates — which calculate fringe benefits for personnel on proposed projects — must be updated each fiscal year.  Budget templates for FY2018 are now available.

The FY2018 NSF budget template is used for all NSF grant proposals. The FY2018 eSPA budget template is used for all other grant proposals.

Submitted grant budgets must reflect the correct fringe benefits, so no outdated budget templates can be accepted by OARS. Please take a minute to download and save the FY2018 templates and delete any outdated ones you may have saved.

Old-fashioned calculator photo by George Hodan, via PublicDomainPictures.net.