Illustration of a brain and a heart combined into one organ. It is superimposed by two rainbow-colored stick figures and various rainbow-colored lines and blobs.

OARS hosts NSF IBSS networking event

Toys -- a girl soft doll, a mouse stuffed animal, a dog figurine, a Russian nesting doll, a boy action figure, a plastic zebra figurine, and an unidentifiable figurine sit in a circle around a toy table.

On September 14, OARS hosted an event for researchers interested in forming interdisciplinary teams to submit proposals to the NSF’s Interdisciplinary Behavioral and Social Sciences (IBSS) program.

The event was attended by a total of 11 faculty members, representing the following departments:

  • Anthropology (CAS)
  • Architecture & Interior Design (CCA)
  • Computer Science & Software Engineering (CEC)
  • Geography (CAS)
  • Interactive Media Studies (CAS)
  • Kinesiology & Health (CEHS)
  • Marketing (FSB)
  • Physics (CAS)
  • Psychology (CAS)
  • Sociology & Gerontology (CAS)

Attendees also included affiliates of the Scripps Gerontology Center, the Institute for the Environment & Sustainability, the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies, and the Office of Research for Undergraduates. Seven additional faculty members representing five departments and an administrator from the College of Education, Health, & Society also expressed interest in the NSF IBSS opportunity, but were unable to attend the networking event.

Since the event, two teams have indicated their intent to submit IBSS proposals, which are due to the NSF on December 1. These teams will benefit from enhanced services offered by OARS in conjunction with the networking event.

OARS plans to offer similar networking opportunities and enhanced services focused on other interdisciplinary funding opportunities throughout the 2016 fiscal year.

Interdisciplinary meeting photo by Martin Weller via Flickr. Brain/heart illustration by Keith Rowley via Flickr. Both used under Creative Commons license.

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